Why work with us?

We believe well-qualified professionals are critical to turning the tide on the physical-inactivity epidemic causing so many health-related problems around the world.  We believe not only fitness is the way but also holistic healing which both Manpreet Komal and Amit Sharma practice.  Not only are they both well known corporate America executives, but they have both formed their own spiritual path. We believe in being humans before being leaders.  We teach and dance from our hearts and that energy flows in all of our classes, events, and choreographies.  We welcome you to join us wherever you are whether you are a student, teacher, or an organizer. We love meeting our Bollywood Family.
For Organizers:
  • You will offer diversity

  • You will attract more clients and or/students/members

  • Bollywood is happening and exciting! Why not us!

  • Your audience will love you and would leave happy, satisfied and excited.

  • Your hard work would get noticed

  • We are very easy and fun to work with

  • We take each class and event very professionally

  • We look to build long term relationships and go the extra mile to make you a success

For Dancers:
  • You would earn income and unleash your inner diva by performing with us.

  • You would be a part of warm loving family and have a community that you can connect your passion with

  • You would get seen and noticed at events around the world

  • You would have higher self confidence and self esteem

  • You would meet a lot of people

  • You would be working towards your dream and satisfying your soul vs. sitting in front of computer doing same old job making others dreams come true

  • Moves become you.

  • Who you surround yourself becomes you.You not only learn the coolest moves that stay with you for lifetime but you are surrounded by a team that values people and fun. We value you as a human not just as a dancer.  Both Amit and Manpreet are on a spiritual path and we believe in holding space for all our dance team that is highest for their own individual growth.

  • You learn from the best

For Students:
  • You just show up and have fun
  • Get ready to break a sweat or dance/laugh along with us
  • Your 1 hour every week is valuable to us.  We are entertainers at heart and want to see each student leave happier than they walked in.
  • We want to support you with your goals and where you are stuck.  Manpreet supports many of her dancers not only on the dance floor but also on their individual journeys and growth since she brings 7 years of deep inner work as a Breakthrough Shadow Coach and often dancers come to seek her help, advice, and support.
  • We are truly a family
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