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Rang De Indian Folk has Visharad in Indian Folk Dance (like a Bachelors degree) we certify students around the world in 12 Indian Folk Styles from Bihu, Khodiya, Ghoomar, Chari, Kalbeliya, Lavani, Koli, Ghantu, Hojagiri, Tera Tali, Tippani, Dalkhai and more.

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Email us where you would like to train your students, city, country.

Full course takes 1 year for advanced dancers.

You could chose 1-3 dances as well and have a consult with us on your level of students/interests.

Reach out on WhatsApp at +1.415.565.9190 for how we can partner together.  We are excited to spread the gems of India worldwide.


Manpreet Komal

Instagram @rangdebollywood

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