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Our Mission











Core Values:

  • Commit to your mind, body, and heart

  • Consistency, Commitment, Patience, and Practice are the key

  • Your enthusiasm for life and your body shows in your dance steps.  Let the music sway you.

  • Trust your process

  • Diversity - Rhythm is the melting pot of cultures, music, food, and dance steps.  Bollywood is a blend of styles.  We aim to be our next level best.

  • Be bold and dare to be your next level best.  Challenge yourself and keep growing.

  • Your health and well being come first.  Always honor your body.

  • We are here to have fun  while making our dreams come true through commitment, growth, dependability, honesty, loyalty and responsibility.




Formed in February, 2014, Rang De Bollywood Dance Company creates dance and music from India with folk dances such as Bhangra and Bollywood while infusing styles such as Salsa, Hip Hop, Belly dance, Funk, Disco, and contemporary as well as unique blends of these forms. The word Rang De means “to color” in India and we are fascinated by coloring the world through dance while mixing cultures to promote more Bollywood in many parts of the world and collaborating with other artists and forms such as Flamenco, Tribal Belly Fusion dance, Hip Hop, and other forms to promote a world where dance melts hearts while lifting souls through their daily challenges through our upbeat happy performances and energetic, fun, and engaging dance classes.

While our focus is bridging cultures through dance, we are also available for acting, writing, speaking, and percussion opportunities.  Our co-founder Amit U Sharma is a famous actor and percussionist and has performed in award winning films and plays among learning from Master Zakkir Hussain yearly. Founder, Manpreet Komal is often approached for her writing skills and speaking skills while inspiring through her words and videos on her social media following of over 130,000.  We are blessed to have such a creative combined team of talent.

Rang De sees dance, acting, and music as the rhythm of the melting pot where many cultures come together to relate in unity with music on the dance floor and celebrate oneness no matter the language, the food we eat, or our upbringing.

We are a community of people that want to spread happiness through dance, acting, and music while making the world a more passionate, happier, and fulfilled world.

Rang De team has a long term vision to do musicals in Europe. We see that the world can be healed through dance and creative arts. We are looking to collaborate with leaders and dancers who are already doing compassionate giving in the world for short and longer term projects.


Rang De Bollywood team has choreographed for Global Indian Awards and performed at World Salsa Congress.  Rang De Bollywood won first place at an International Dance Festival among 80 Bay Area Teams in October, 2015.   Rang De Team has won awards for films at International Film Festivals for acting and performed at various events for Tabla and music bands.  Contact us today to meet us, or interview us or have us plan your event for dancing, acting, music, or MCing. It all starts with an initial conversation before you know it, you have lifelong memories..


Founder and CEO

Manpreet Komal has a vision to see the world dancing no matter their  age or level.  She is known to make dance floors happen since childhood.  Her father would say she was dancing even in mom's belly. 


Manpreet has a gentle and compassionate heart and she gives back to the world on a daily basis by motivating others to live their best life through dance, writing, videos, and coaching. She helps people heal their emotional lives as a Breakthrough Shadow Coach and Heal your Heart Coach.

You can find more of Manpreet at or one of her social media pages.  Feel free to drop her a note as she is looking to meet bright minds in the industry who want to take the world one step higher.   


Amit Sharma

Bollywood Cardio Teacher



Boost your self confidence, socialize with local dance communities and be more active learning the hippest, hottest and coolest bollywood dance moves 

Get your bollywood sexy on, every night of the week!




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