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"I had the splendid opportunity to watch one of the dance performances! Awesome would be an understatement. The choreography and performance of the dance was out of this world! It was beautiful just as much as it was meaningful. The dance challenged cultural norms around gender/power roles, and it embraced female sexuality. It was beautiful, empowering, inspiring, and even a little funny. These women clearly worked very hard on mastering the dance and it showed!! Felt like I was watching a Bollywood music video."

-Michelle Kirby

“I LOVED my experience with Manpreet and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have fun dancing, get a work out, and more importantly get that extra internal motivation to let go of their inhibitions. I joined the Bollywood dance performance class with Manpreet in Jan 2019 and have just completed my first performance. I would have never imagined dancing in front of so many people and actually enjoying it. I have joined many Bollywood classes before and left mid way because I found that if I didn’t get a step in the first try, the teacher didn’t really work with me to get it right. Manpreet did that - she gave group and individual feedback so we improved along the way, tweaked steps to match our styles, and most importantly, kept the learning environment inclusive, warm and fun. There was one particular routine which I thought was too bold for me, and she nudged me to keep trying and ultimately I did a dance routine that I never thought I could do. She can teach dance, make it fun, and empower you along the way - am so grateful to her for this journey and can’t wait to continue dancing!”

- Lakshmi Iyer, Strategy Consultant

Bollywood is such a fun and energetic dance form - and then add to that amazing instructors Manpreet and Amit who are joyful and share amazing chemistry. They are professional performers and choreograph their own pieces with contemporary twists that challenge the norm. I usually want to dance for exercise and really enjoyed taking their cardio class. I never dreamed that I would be performing for others but I just did and it was an amazing accomplishment for myself. The 12 week workshop with Manpreet changed my life and allowed me to embrace who I am as a dancer and a woman because she gave us beautiful choreography (which shocked me at first) and a safe space that respected everyone in the class and where they were in life’s journey.

Challenge yourself and try something new. It’s empowering and inspiring. Not only have I become a stronger person and better dancer, I met amazing women in the process and it’s been so refreshing to be surrounded by their encouragement and support.

-Lynn Murphy (Mother, Rocking dancer, Entrepreneur)

Thank you Rang De Bollywood Dance Company for helping every person empower and embrace their true self with the help of dance. Joining this dance class and few weeks into it I found out how I grew as a person emotionally (Thanks to Manpreet's 15 minute self realization talks before warmups). I am so happy to be able to have had this opportunity to learn from Manpreet Komal not just various Bollywood dance steps but also how to fear no one and express your true self with this dance form. Because true strength lies in being you. Her dance teaching technique is easy to understand and very quick to adapt, most importantly any beginner can pick it up in the first go and Manpreet gives constant feedback every week so that we nail the steps. I always loved being on stage and performing and recently I got this opportunity with the help of this dance class. Performing in front of a huge crowd and being able to perform brought in a new swing of confidence in me. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wish to get in shape, want to fight internally with some issues or just want to be joyfull and happy. Shake a leg and dance Manpreets way. 😍💫✨🔥

-Shivali Naik, Business Intelligence Associate at CBS Interactive

"I took the Rang De Bollywood dance cardio/ performance classes with Manpreet & Amit. Besides being amazing dancers, they also a gift for making people of all levels feel at ease and have fun! With beautiful, upbeat music and simple steps, it is a great way to destress & express."

-Bhavi Patel

If you are get the opportunity to come, do it! Manpreet is an amazing person! Highly recommend Rang de Bollywood!

-Suchandan Lal

"Recently tried Manpreet's Bollywood workout class for the first time. What a fun way to burn all those mojitos while learning something new. Manpreet prepares a unique upbeat routine for every class, which keeps it exciting. Her moves energizes your body and her smile, your spirit:) And the best part - a single class caters to all skill levels and age groups. Btw, when are you starting regular classes in SF??"

-Varun Dua

"Such a fun energetic and upbeat workout. If you want to try something new and feel sexy and exotic while getting a great workout Manpreet is your girl! Loved her class!"

-Rana Shurafa

"I enjoyed the energy , enthusiasm and fun filled dance session choreographed at the beautiful location. Manpreet is an amazing person and pumps you up into right groves! I came to this session after a intense gym workout and had totally exhausted myself but it was manpreet that pushed me an extra mile in dance cardio :) trust me you can't resist dancing in her session..! Highly recommend Rangdebollywood!!!!!"

-Nilesh Raje

Beautifully choreographed dances shared with a lot of love!

-Prashant Kakkad, Jai Ho Parties

Manpreet and her team are amazing dancers. We enjoyed their performance for Diwali celebrations at Northside Library @ Santa Clara. Looking for another opportunity to enjoy their performance.

-Lavanya Vanguideshe, Manager Santa Clara Library

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