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Whether you want to teach Bollywood Fitness or Choreography - We have got just the perfect Bollywood Class for you to teach. IF you want to get privately coached by Manpreet and start your own class - we welcome that too.  We would love to support you on your journey where ever you are.  You are welcome to bring your own choreography/fitness background and learn how to put yourself out there, get teaching experience, get one on one coaching, empower and launch yourself, and learn from us.

For existing teachers who want to teach for Rang De Bollywood: Please send us your website, resume of your teaching experience, choreography videos, along with testimonials from your students. 


For dancers or dance teachers that want to improve parts of their teaching, and or launch themselves more and get coached with Manpreet and get all the support they need, please fill out the form under Manpreet's picture, we are excited to talk to you and help you make your dreams a reality.

Hi - Do you want to create, collaborate, teach dance, start your own dance company? Do you not feel the confidence and need a coach to support you to become the awesome choreographer/dance teacher that you deep down know you are capable of?   Look no more. 
My name is Manpreet Komal, I am a certified life coach and I help support people just in your shoes to overcome obstacles, feel empowered, get the training you need, practice time, teaching time, people skills, overcome struggles in teaching, one on one coaching time, hands on teaching experience, feedback from your choreography content. 
Whether you have a full time job or you want to be empowered and know that you can deliver great teaching skills on the spot, put yourself out there, start a regular class - I can train you.  Whether you want to triple your dance income, I can train you. Ping me for an initial consult for free and I will design a customized plan for you based on where you are at while looking at your specific challenges and goals.  

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